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You are used to it working, even while you sleep. Until you have to do without it, you don’t realize that in most cases, a person’s refrigerator is the most important appliance in their house. Even though in some countries, having a refrigerator is a luxury that many have to live without, it’s a necessity for us. A refrigerator is not only important to keeping food safely stored, but it is also where some people have to store their medication. That is why it’s important this if they begin to experience problems with their refrigerator, they contact Appliance Repair Medford right away. With a temperature of at least 37 degrees Fahrenheit, you are able to keep your food and medication safely stored in your refrigerator. Keeping your refrigerator at a constant temperature could pose some challenges if your household includes children. Children have the tendency to go in and out of the refrigerator day and night. This is why it isn’t unusual to experience problems with the way it is operating from time-to-time.

The number 1 complaint we hear is that a refrigerator may not be holding a constant cold temperature. If you’d like to tackle the problem on your own, try replacing the defrost thermostat, especially if the contacts have frosted over. Make sure your fridge is unplugged and make an effort to clean the condenser coils. You can do this with a condenser coil brush or vacuum. We’re happy to tackle any of that for you.

If your refrigerator is making funny noises, another possible solution could be replacing the electronic control board which may have been damaged from a power surge. You may also have worn-out relays. If you get in the middle of the job and need help, give us a call! We’ll diagnose and fix the problem as quick as a whistle.

If your ice maker won’t make ice, then the motor module may need replaced. It could be a clogged water inlet valve or the ice making mechanism, itself. It seems odd, but it’s actually heat that releases the ice cubes. We can conduct the series of diagnostic electrical tests to fix the problem. You can be sure that we have the fix for any of your appliance repair needs.

Freezer Repair
The amount of cost in loosing a freezer full of food, let alone the effort and frustration from cleaning up the mess, justifies calling an expert in the field. We can keep your freezer running smooth and protect your investment of time and money. Let us fix your existing freezer to make sure it has years of life left in it. We do freezer repair for Medford Oregon residents who know who to trust with their investment.

When to Call a Repair Technician
We get the most refrigerator & freezer repair calls in the summer months…

  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September 

We’ll be there for your when you need us – no matter what season that falls in.

There is usually some type of sign that you are about to experience trouble with your refrigerator before the problem actually presents itself. It might make some type of strange sound or have a leak coming from somewhere. If you begin to experience any of these problems, call us 541-229-7350. These are not the type of problems that should be ignored. From diagnosing the exact problem, to finding the right refrigerator repair parts and having the skill and tools to fix the trouble – we have the know how and ability to repair your fridge. Many of those whom we serve have admitted to ignoring the signs of trouble until they could no longer ignore the problem. Contact as soon as you notice anything unusual.

Why Hire a Professional Service
Make sure that you receive the help that you need from a licensed repair professional. You are sure to be able to get what you pay for with the help of a qualified appliance repair technician in Medford, OR. You can be sure that this isn’t there first time addressing the type of issue that you are experiencing. You never have to take chances when we are only a phone call away.

Why Hire Appliance Repair Medford
We are responsive to the needs of those who call on us for their appliance dryer repair needs. Our technicians are professional and they have the skills needed to effectively address your service needs. Our talented technician will find the source of your problem and determine if it can be repaired. If not, they’ll also let you know that it is beyond repairing and that you’ll need to buy a new one.


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