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Nothing beats a home cooked meal! Sheepherder’s Breakfast or Mushroom and Leek Pie for lunch all sound good, maybe with chanterelle. Today, more and more people are enjoying the fruit of their labor by enjoying a delicious home cooked meal. Some families still maintain old family traditions by getting together every Sunday. The one thing that could ruin that is an oven that is not working properly. If your home is the place where everyone gathers for special family events, let Appliance Repair Medford Oregon help keep your oven working. We are the preferred appliance repair company in Medford OR. If you’re not able to use your oven, it could be a level of inconvenience that you have never experienced before. We would hate for you to have to experience this type of inconvenience and that is why we suggest that you give us a call so that we can make sure you’re able to use your oven when needed. Don’t ruin your next event by avoiding getting the help that you need.

Even if you’re a take-out kind of cook, you still need to reheat your left-overs. Did you bring home left-overs from Jasper’s and want to heat up your Real Lone Ranger or your Johnny Ringo? Either way, your oven needs to work when you turn it on. When you call us about your oven repair in Medford, let us know what your favorite restaurant and meal is.

Types of Oven Problems
Let us start by saying that there are some signs that your oven is about to go out. One of the main reasons that our services are contacted is due to inconsistency in heating food. This is certainly a problem that should be addressed right away. If your broiler or baking features aren’t working, this is also a good reason to give us a call. If you’re having a problem with your oven door sticking then it could be a defective oven feature. Perhaps your self-cleaning feature isn’t working. Again, this most problems could simply be an issue with the feature. Our experienced and qualified appliance repair technicians are well qualified to help with your service needs.

  1. My Gas Burner Won’t Light
    The igniter connection to the control module can be tightened or igniter can be replaced. A kink in the gas line may also be the issue.
  2. My Range Burner Won’t Heat on my electric stove
    We can replace your burner, the infinite switch or the socket.
  3. My Oven Won’t Heat
    Replacing a faulty igniter, heating element, check your gas line
  4. My Oven Won’t Heat to the Right Temperature
    It could be one of the above issues or the temperature sensor. Using an ohmmeter we can replace the sensor and recalibrate the oven.
  5. My Oven Door Won’t Shut
    We can take off the oven door, replace the hinges, door springs or rubber gasket around the door. If the problem isn’t any of that, the door sensor may need to be replaced.
  6. My Interior Light Is Out
    Yep, we can fix that.
  7. My Oven Won’t Self-Clean
    Big baked-on spills may leave a layer of ash that could require some cleaning by hand. We can replace the door lock motor or switch, control board, thermostat or another component to fix your self-cleaning cycle.

Relying on Qualified Service Technicians
When you call upon a qualified service technician to handle your oven repairs, you won’t have to worry about calling us back to take care of the same problem again. An experienced technician has the ability to effectively address your most challenging repair needs. This is because they take their position very seriously and don’t cut corners. Appliance technicians have their reputation to live by and this is why you are more likely to receive the quality of service that you want and need. Regardless of the extent of your repair needs, someone with the right training and skills will be able to effectively handle it for you. You’ll get what you pay for.

Why Choose Appliance Repair Medford?
For Medford appliance repair you will be able to receive the help that you need at a rate that you’ll be able to afford. We don’t make you break-the-bank for your repairs. You’ll know what you are getting when you rely on us for your service needs. If the oven is has seen its last days, we’re also happy to let you know that you may want to start shopping around for a new oven.  Every time we are called upon to make repairs, we make a thorough evaluation to determine what type of repairs is needed. So call us at 541-229-7350


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